Prepare to Feel Old

This is funny and disturbing at the same time.

It's not that hard to figure out, kids. (On a side note, I need to check out this YouTube channel ... )


Having fun at 'Urinetown'

Kates and I spent a night on the town tonight -- er, a night on the campus, really. We booked a student's services to babysit the girls and walked to campus to see the university's production of "Urinetown: The Musical."

And it was fantastic.

Not only is the musical itself -- a satire of government systems and a parody of musical productions wrapped into one show -- hilarious and cleverly written, Kates and I left the performing arts center -- again -- in awe of our super talented students.

The acting was top-notch, and the cast played the comedy -- both spoken and physical -- to perfection. The choreography was so dazzling and fun. The vocals were terrific, with some heart-melting harmonies particularly by the actors playing Bobby Strong and Hope Cladwell. The actress playing Little Sally also stole her fair share of the scenes. ... All of those elements combined made Act II especially funny and entertaining. We were wiping tears of laughter from our eyes after "Run, Freedom, Run!"

Kates and I knew little about the musical going in, other than that it picked up some Tony Awards several years ago. Now, having seen it, we're charmed.

Of course, after we got home and got settled, I started searching YouTube for comparable performances. I found a fair number of high school and college performances, in addition to some clips of the Broadway cast and the Tony Awards. None, though, seemed to have the wit, high-energy and rich quality we saw tonight.

Here's a performance of "Run, Freedom, Run!" at the 2002 Tony Awards. ...


Say it ain't so, Dave!

Just the other night, Kates and I were discussing David Letterman and wondering how long he would continue his Late Show. It was only a matter of time, I figured, that he would retire.

Last week, Dave announced his retirement. I purposely waited to post anything here before I could watch his retirement announcement episode on our DVR. I wanted to see the show for myself. Last night, I finally watched it.

I guess the clock is really ticking now on my bucket list item to attend a taping of the Late Show.

Fast forward to today, and CBS has announced Stephen Colbert will take over for Letterman. I don't approve.

As one of my media friends put it in a tweet today: Congratulations Jimmy Fallon ... Jimmy Fallon is clearly the new golden boy and ushering in a new era of late night TV.

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