World Series Game 1: Royals vs. Bumgarner

Well, we can no longer say the Royals haven’t lost a postseason game since 1985.

Last night, they were trounced by the Giants in Game 1 of the World Series.

Let’s forget that for a moment, though. I got chills after we turned on the pregame last night and saw the sea of screaming blue at Kauffman Stadium. And the gorgeous aerial views of the stadium. Our hometown stadium. The Royals’ stadium.

I could barely stop repeating, “I can’t believe what I’m watching …” Not to mention feeling jealous for the several friends I had posting pictures on Facebook of the views from their Kauffman Stadium seats. One of high school buddies flew in from Washington, D.C., to attend last night's game, saying "You only live once." Another flew up from Texas.

As we ate dinner, Phoebe and I kept breaking from our chairs at the kitchen table to get a better of the TV. And Faye d ruburst into an impromptu cheer of “Let’s go Royals!” … Later, as I did the kitchen cleanup, Phoebe planted herself in front of the TV and recited the starting lineup to me, complete with “Big Game” James Shields as the starting pitcher.

Game time. I was excited for sure, but not overly optimistic. I’ve sensed during his recent starts that Shields is getting tired and shaky.

The Giants promptly scored three runs in the top of the first inning with the help of a two-run shot by Hunter Pence. Madison Bumgarner also was a gauntlet on the Royals offense as the Giants seemed to pile on the runs.

That 7-1 final score felt more like 20-1.

The only bright spots, for me, were Danny Duffy’s dominance after he relieved Shields in the fourth inning and Salvi Perez’s home run – finally – in the seventh inning. … I missed the third inning that so many people are talking about – the Royals had runners on second and third with nobody out and somehow didn’t score – because Kates and I were putting the girls to bed.

This morning my good friend Tom emailed me …
Does Shields start another game?
Should Shields start another game?
I would much rather string a tightrope with Vargie or Guthy than see another 4-spot on the board before I can get to my bullpen with Shields.
Hilarious that Perez finally goes yard when it does not matter at all.
Why are they not starting Duffy?

I thought all of those things during last night’s game.

Can’t look back though. Game 2 is less than an hour away, and I like the Royals’ chances looking at the matchups for the next three games. I’m thinking – hoping – this thing goes to six or seven games. Although, five games in the Royals’ favor would be just fine, too.

Here’s what The Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger had to say about it today

If nothing else, these Royals have proved themselves to be fantastically resilient. And in the list of holes they’ve played themselves out of, a 7-1 loss to the Giants in the first game of the World Series on Tuesday would not even earn a medal. …

One of the striking parts of this loss was what the stadium felt like for virtually the entire night. The energy and noise around Kauffman Stadium has been one of the emerging stories nationally around this Royals’ rise, but no fan base can make a rock concert out of a dentist appointment.
There is no good time in the postseason to play a clunker, but nobody needed the Royals’ return to the World Series to also be the return of the mid-July Royals. But here they were. Mucky defense, no offense and bad starting pitching.
For now, I’m going to pretend I didn’t read 10 of the last 11 teams to win Game 1 of the World Series have gone on to win the whole thing. Or that Hunter Pence’s home run supposedly altered the trajectory of the entire series.

But I did read the Royals lost the first two games of the 1985 World Series, and we all know how that played out. So there’s that.

Game 2 coming up.

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24 hours to Game 1

I’ve been soaking up every word under every headline that catches my eye in reference to the Royals  and the World Series these last few days. It still doesn't seem real to write those words in the same sentence.

Tomorrow night can’t get here soon enough.

A lot of people have asked me the last few days if I’m trying to get tickets to a World Series game, and the answer is: Nope. I’m perfectly content with what I got to experience last Wednesday. I figure that was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a dream come true for me. Plus, World Series tickets are going for record amounts

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